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We at Roth Aerial Spraying LLC, pride ourselves in providing an economical solution for all of our customers aerial application needs. From fungicide to cover crop seed, we provide a wide variety of products to equip our customers with the tools they need to yield the most from every acre. Application timing is critical with every product and we aim to provide same/next day application. Please contact us at and let us help you maximize your yields.

Spring Spraying

It’s never too early to get those pasture acres booked so we can get you on our list. We like to get our Pasture spraying done by the end of April.

Wheat at flag leaf is a proper timing for spraying fungicide.

Summer Spraying

Protect those corn and soybeans acres with a treatment of Fungicides and or Insecticides.

Fall Spraying/Seeding

Fall is the ideal time to control musk thistle. We will start spraying after the first hard freeze.

We will begin seeding starting August get those acres booked early.

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